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Bridal & Marriage Preparation
(Kallah classes)

Getting married is a huge transition. It can be exciting and stressful at the same time.  Proper preparation lessens the stress so excitement abounds. Proper preparation also equips you for the beautiful life-long journey ahead - giving you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage long after the experience of the wedding day has faded.

Over 10 classes we will journey through a selection of the significant halachic sources which will provide you with the knowledge of WHAT taharat hamishpacha entails as well as the understanding of HOW and WHEN to ask questions. Our study will carry beyond the sources in an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of marriage.

All questions are encouraged - there is not an embarrassing, silly or wrong question when we learn. I have heard many questions over the years and I challenge you to surprise me :)

Your questions are also welcome in the years to come as you develop in your married life. I am your Kallah teacher for life and I encourage you to take advantage of that.

Let's talk! Whatsapp me here or send a direct message to +972-52-8348074.

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